What We Do

Fresh food and fresh air.

Fruit Tree Seedlings

A multi-generational source of fresh food and air. Organic fruit tree seedlings are available at no cost to any community member willing to be responsible for its continued growth. Grown using zero-waste methodology and pesticide-free farming techniques, to be planted in locations with public access for harvesting.

Produce Giveaways

We seek to abolish food insecurity in marginalized Angeleno communities by providing access to fresh produce. We partner with Food Forward to rescue surplus produce and provide it to those in need at no cost. We supply produce giveaways hosted by local mutual aid groups, providing whole fruits and vegetables directly to those experiencing food…

Community Juice Program

We seek to prevent health issues and facilitate a healthy lifestyle by ensuring vital nourishment is available for those most in need. We make fresh fruit and vegetable juice with surplus farmer’s market produce rescued by Food Forward and provide it at no cost to those in need by linking in to the LA Community Fridges…

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